Crab, Shrimp and Avocado Cocktail: Low-Carb Keto Recipes

Simple, delicious and only 3 Net Carbs! This recipe is easy to whip together in just a few minutes. The first time I made it, I had limited expectations because of its simplicity. It turned out to be so good that I had it several times over the course of the week and made some for others, too. Then, my brain started firing all kinds of wonderful ideas on how to take this cocktail and turn it into appetizers. There are plenty of variations. This combination of ingredients would also be great on a sandwich or on top of a...

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Dijon Cream Sauce and Pork Tenderloin: Carb-Smart Keto

A dijon cream sauce sounds can seem hard. Sauces can be intimidating, but who thought something that sounds so challenging was so simple. Anyone has the ability to make a mouthwatering sauce. In this recipe, the most difficult part of...

Posted on July 10, 2017

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Monterrey Jack Salsa: Carb-Smart Keto Recipes

Who doesn't love salsa? There are so many varieties, red including green, hot, and mild. Also, salsa goes well with so many foods like scrambled eggs or a lettuce-wrapped taco. But, there is one thing that frustrates me is that...

Posted on June 26, 2017

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Crust-less Zucchini Quiche: Carb-Smart Keto Recipes

If you're on  a keto or Atkin's diet, you've got to find recipes that fit your needs, and crust-less a quiche is the perfect dish. Not only are they easy to make, they also vary in fillings that can be...

Posted on June 19, 2017

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